Internet Safety...

To be safe on the interent is a difficult to achieve task. There are many ways to get hurt or get offended online. Many websites that you go on and visit may be age limited. If you are below this age limit it is classified as illegal... some examples are sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. These are all online chat websites that photos can be shared via and can be dangerous...

At Priory School, there is a large amount of safety online. Pupils are taught E-safety from Yr 7 to Yr 11. Being safe on the internet is a very important thing needed in life. Teachers will caution the children of the ultimate dangers online and they will hopefuly leave the school with knowledge of what and what not to do to prevent themselves from dangers on the internet.

Here are some main tips:

Don't chat to strangers whilst on chat websites.

Always look at age limits and never pass them .

Don't use sites without your parents or guardians permission.

Don't share your information with others,even if you know them.

There are many videos and pictures of this. Basically it is telling you there are many different types of people on the intrernet who may not be who they say they are...

Beware of the Lurking Trolls!!!

Pretendar pretends to be someone else online. Don’t friend people you don’t know in real life. They might not be who they say they are. Never arrange to meet someone you met online.

Melware loves to steal your data. Don’t give out your address, phone number or location online. Don’t send personal photos you don’t want to see elsewhere especially by mobile phone.

Tormentor is a cyber bully who tries to make people miserable online. Always tell an adult if someone is unkind to you online.

Spirus infects computers with spyware to watch what you are doing. Be careful which websites you look at. Don’t go on to websites your computer gives a warning for.


Cyber-bullying is the use of electronic communication to constantly tease and bully a person, generally by sending messages that threaten or hurt them. Sometimes it can be used as a ay of peer pressure. Victims of this may hide beneath the dark and not tell anyone. Trust me... That's the worst thing to do in this horrible situation.

There are four main types of bullying. These are the following:





Some examples of Physical bullying are:





-Throwing things at someone

-Pulling someone's hair

-Pushing someone over

-Destorying someone's property

-Taking someone else's property

There are also many more ways of physically bullying someone...

Some examples of Verbal Bullying are:


-Insulting someone or their relatives

-Calling someone rude or horrible names

-Making fun of the way someone speaks, walks or acts

-Peer Pressure

-Threatening someone

Racist Remarks

Homophobic Jokes

These could all,unfortunately,lead to disbelief,losing confidence in yourself and finally, possibly it could result in Suicide. :(

The next type of Bullying is Social. Some examples of this is:


Spreading rumours

Convincing others to not be friends with someone.

Social Alienation

Embarassing someone in front of others

Intimidation using gestures

Malicious intent

And the last main type of Bullying is Cyber. Some examples of his are:

-Posting pictures of someone, possibly embarassing, without their permission

-Recording unauthorised videos of someone

-Texting, Emailing or any other way of communicating and sending mean comments

-Creating fake persona to bully somebody online

-Stealing identity

-Hacking into another persons account online

The next topic I will talk about is what Bullying may lead to...

These are called consequences.

Some crutial examples of this are: